Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Quick Portrait of an ENTP

I walked into my kitchen. The ceiling fan is on. The windows are open. I notice that it's warmer outside than it is inside. Hmm, I think. There's a cold pool of air in here. How can I remove it?

Easier said than done, really. I recognize that the fan is spinning counter-clockwise. If I could just flip the switch...

I put my finger up to the switch beneath the twirling blades. It doesn't switch up, so it will have to switch down. Doing so will catch my finger in the spiral, but switching off the fan means turning off the light. Of course, I could just switch on another light. That would be easy. But what if I had some string or an apparatus that could do it for me?

I imagine a string that could loop around the switch and pull it down. What if I didn't put enough pressure on the switch and it needs to be switched up? I need a tool. I grab a scissor near me and apply a little pressure to the switch. Click. The fan starts turning clockwise.

It's dinner time and I'm hungry. I don't have much food in the house... It's time to be creative. I look in the freezer. There's a bag of "steamable" broccoli. I haven't had a solid meal of vegetables in some time and I should eat the broccoli. Why not eat the whole bag?

The bag calls for five minutes at my microwave's wattage. I set the microwave for four minutes and sixty seconds.

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